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Kipen Manga - Drink :iconkipencomic:Kipencomic 1 0
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just a aspiring writer of manga : ) looking for a good manga artist to collab with : ) I suck at English i need a proof reader and other stuffs : ( a former manga club member and sole survivor of that manga club. i was mainly the story writer


sample maria dairy
I have been thinking of redoing my manga I hate the fact that I can't draw what I see in my mind and some pose and stuffs so frustrating T.T. got inspired by violet evergarden promotional video. I had a vision of doing my own promotional video of maria diary my dream or my former manga clubs dream is to make our own anime studio and it will be called "fishy-chan studio" I still have here our club member forms will put it on the end of the manga after I finish redrawing it all again. well I hate my drawing and still sUPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRR duper fAAAAAAAR far away on the kyo ani manga style drawing that i am visioning. 
0 by Lazybum123

hello I need help with fool proofing my work since English isn't my main language will put you as a partner which means your name will be in the authors page with me. I'm currently trying to lunch my work and I'm only 3 pages away on finish chapter one of this manga. i've started drawing and making this story since it a slice of life and has little fight scenes.

to be honest I have more stories in store here just waiting to be drawn but can't start it since I lack the skill in drawing. my favorite one is "pandora's box" can't start it because too many fight scenes. want to too on welcome back onii-chan but lack the skill on doing fan service scenes. 

if you are interested in my other stories here's the list of the synopsis of some stories that I've made and project I'm interested with.

manga title created:

1.pandoras box - shounen action

synopsis- Kota,Ruuya and Tomoko are part of a club that specializes on maintaining peace in their city of a prestigious school. meanwhile Gaia the goddess of earth has been protecting the Pandora's box for ages but someone has opened it and defeated Gaia. now gaia with enough power to escaped transformed into a student in Kota,Ruuya and Tomoko's school to seeks help to avoid the world on being destroyed.

2.boxer x council -sports focus

synopsis - shino is a student who loves boxing but unfortunately is being half-ass about doing boxing wholeheartedly since his uncle died his uncle was a former boxer and suffered a brain injury. he tried to go in boxing but it seems that people are be belittling him does he quit on boxing on his former gym while on the rooftop Shino was doing some shadow boxing and yelled "I wish someone who cares trains me" in his surprised the student council president who is very popular at school being known for good grades and always number 1 at anything heard him and decided to train him. but he refuses since she is a girl.

3.books keepers -supernatural

synopsis - they say that every fairy tale has a tragic or dark-side and the book keepers are the one who takes the cursed books to thier enchanted library so that no one will get cursed or get harmed by the books.

4.maria dairy - drama/slice of life

maria dairy is about three friends Maria,Mehime and Karen going to high-school they had a promise to make their own brand of dress when they finished studying but it seems that people change.

5.welcome back onii-chan (oniichan okaeri) - comedy /slice of life

synopsis - Johnny Stratford was raised and born in Philippines and seems like was separated from his little sister when she was young. now that johnny got older his parents reveals to him that they are really rich and they lived in the Philippines because of his grandfather's dying will. now that he is back to japan he's having a hard time adjusting to a rich lifestyle and having to live in a mansion with servants and maids. after 7 years johnny meets again his sister but it seems that he made a mistake.

6.Shounen life - drama comedy slice of life

story of boys mostly virgins asking god why don't they have girlfriends and others cursing girls from breaking their hearts. they set plans and talk about girls and other stuffs.

7.Kaname Shinmei - horror/supernatural

Kaname Shinmei the shrine maiden priestess on pandoras box this is the story of her fighting supernatural being. along side with her sect

8.attache case (balances) - supernatural

synopsis -the mysterious beings that walks on the bustling town of Tokyo. they had a urban legend that anyone who holds their attache case gets their dreams and goals eaten pc died - part 2 maria dairy -comedy/slice of life

-Manaka Hotaru PC died and because of that she decided to commit suicide by hanging herself while in the verge of dying she saw a wizard casting a spell and yells don't lose hope! with will power she survives using a technique she scene on action movies and decided to find the wizard who gave her hope to live again.

10.fate -slice of life

-story of people meeting angels but is it really angels?

11.R log -mystery

R from pandoras box tells us of how she see the world on her point of view and perspective

12.www.l;kez190dcx1.[10f;'kb)!(?>.com/00/21!%*!41#! - horror/gore/mystery

-akira is a karate and judo practitioner in school in japan when suddenly a news about her sister being killed in new york arrives he goes and visit her sister funeral in new york and visit her house he remembers that her sister hides very important things at the back of their fringed when she was living in japan before and decided to check it out and he saw a paper with a long website name and uses her sister pc to check it out.

13.  ( no title currently thinking of better titles) -slice of life , school election

-Riz Malinaw is a average guy that has been given a chance to study in a prestigious school that no one knows who is the founder in the Philippines.
this school has no a president but no one knows who she or he really is. this school is full of mystery more over there are rumors that even the government can't do anything what's happening inside the school and more over student that has elected as officers seems to have been targeted by  well known politicians and other types of well known individuals or group may it bad,corrupt or anything. john doesn't have the interest in these things since his only goal is to graduate and open his own bakeshop and since the school is fee is free for him he agree on the offer while attending school he notices something wrong with the people running in the elections are mostly sons and daughters of well known personnel,politician and some of them are even foreigners with kinds of odd but he didn't mid it all until he met a girl name eclair in a empty classroom whispering that there is something wrong  with this school.

14.nakita ko ang aking katrabaho patay at putol ang katawan (I saw my co worker dead and her body was slice in half) -mananagal/slice of life/comedy/drama

jun marangal works for a research lab that focuses on stem cell research. one night he forgot something in his desk at work and came back to get it.
when he came back to the lab he a gruesome scene, he saw his co-worker's body sliced in half and then something whisper in his ear "you saw me"

doujin projects:

zero no tsukaima arise - the gang is coming back! (the pilfering god arc)

ikoku meiro crosee  -going back with claude in the homeland featuring:the 3 blanche siblings

denpa teki kanojo - forgetful salaryman
hi! guys? anyone there that can help me fool proof my work?
0 by Lazybum123

hi! I just want to say thank you in advance if you have opened my post :) so basically i'm thinking of lunching my work and the thing is I just need to make sure that the english i'm using in my work is passable and readable english isn't my main language T.T

I hope that someone with a good heart that will try to take a peek on my work and give advice of what should i change in the dialog in the panels to make the conversation much smoother and other than that fool proof it along the way.

 again thanks in advance kind hearted person who ever you are that will help me!


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